All types of DOEs (2F, FF, PB) can be exported. After the creation of the plan with the make_plan function, use the export_plan function:


This will create a xlsx file in the current directory.

By writing True as a second argument,

doe.export_plan("my_doe_name", True)

this will randomize the experiment order. If the design contains blocks, the experiment order is automatically randomized.


With LibreOfficeCalc/Excel, you can directly insert the acquired responses into the xlsx file, in the result column. The file can after be imported in DOENOVA:

from doenova import doe_2f
doe = doe_2f()

If the responses were inserted into the xlsx file, the anova function can after be used.

The right function must be imported. If are you working with a general full-factorial design, the doe_ff function must be used instead of the doe_2f function. If you are working with a Plackett-Burman deisgn, the doe_pb function must be used.